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The experienced multidisciplinary team at Aquarius comes from diverse backgrounds, including academia, patient care, government and industry. Our experience helps us understand the demands of each sector, and how to successfully work together. Our senior experts work directly with clients from project inception through to final successful delivery.

We love developing close partnerships with our clients, and delivering true value when exploring their challenges.

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Alice McGreevy


Alice is a Health Economist with an MSc in Economics from Queen’s University, Belfast, and a background in Finance. Prior to joining Aquarius, she worked as a health economics researcher at King’s College London where she conducted statistical analysis on large electronic healthcare record databases. Her research investigated determinants of healthcare service use and costs and evaluating inequalities, with a particular focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Research areas included patients with multiple long-term conditions (MLTCs) and maternity services. Alice also has five years of management consulting experience and is a fully qualified accountant.

Andrea Polokaova


Andrea obtained her MSc in Health Economics (HTA) from the University of York. Having worked for the National Health Service (NHS) previously, she has extensive experience with community organisations, government agencies, and healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality of patient care, while driving cost-effective process improvements across all operational aspects. Andrea is particularly interested in addressing the global burden of diet-related chronic diseases by the application of health economic tools.

Elisabeth Adams

Managing Director and Founder

Elisabeth was brought up in the US but travelled widely from a young age to pursue her love of medicine, science, and a challenge. This led her to Micronesia to study dengue outbreaks, Peru to analyse sexual health interventions, and across the UK to work on projects to benefit the National Health Service. She studied Psychology (University of Michigan, BS Hons), Epidemiology (Oxford University, MSc), and received her PhD from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on the cost-effectiveness of chlamydia screening in England, and her work on sexual health has influenced international policy. Her broad background gives her a global perspective on health. Before starting Aquarius, Elisabeth was a mathematical modeller and health economist in infectious diseases for seven years at the Health Protection Agency. She founded Aquarius Population Health in response to her passion for generating robust research and making it accessible to her academic, clinical, policy-making, and industry colleagues

Emma Crawford

Senior Consultant

Emma is an experienced consultant focusing on qualitative research and health policy. With a background in global public health and international development, she has worked with the UK Health Security Agency, international NGOs, and the UN in project management and research roles. Emma is particularly interested in tackling health inequality and understanding the challenges that hinder improved health outcomes for underserved populations. She holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University.

Enyal Lani

Senior Consultant

Enyal has an MSc in Global Public Health and Health Policy from Queen Mary University of London and has broad knowledge of UK health policy and the UK public health system. Before joining Aquarius, she worked as a programme manager for the Association of Directors of Public Health. She has experience in managing projects tackling national public health issues and working with high-profile partners including central government agencies and leading UK public health organisations. Areas where Enyal has more in-depth expertise is HIV, sexual health, and reproductive services in England and her work has contributed to influencing sexual health policy and strategy development at national and local levels.  She is particularly interested in developing evidence-based research that addresses the most pressing global health issues such as making health care accessible to everyone and fighting antimicrobial resistance.

Erik Robinson


Erik is a health economist who has an MSc in Health Economics & Decision Modelling from the University of Sheffield and a background in Mathematics & Statistics. Before joining Aquarius Population Health, he worked in HEOR consultancy where he was responsible for conceptualising, adapting, and developing health economic models for national and international health technology submissions. He has worked across a broad range of disease areas including oncology, diabetes and stroke and is passionate about ensuring the value of life-changing treatments are fully realised for patients, decision-makers and all stakeholders.

Frank Grimsey-Jones

Managing Consultant

Frank is an experienced health economist. He has worked in HEOR and public policy across the public, private and charitable sectors. He has developed a global model de novo, conducted multiple adaptations, authored several papers, and project-managed a number of HTA submissions. He holds a master’s degree in International Health Policy and Health Economics from the London School of Economics and a PGDip in Leadership and Management from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Hairuo He


Hairuo is completing her MSc in Health Policy, Planning, and Financing at the London School of Economics (LSE) and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Her thesis focuses on the trend of using subgroup analysis in NICE HTA recommendations in the UK. Before joining Aquarius, she worked at global CROs and healthcare consultancy firms in China, gaining experience in clinical trials, real-world evidence (RWE), and market access/HTA. Hairuo also holds a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from Columbia University in the US. She has a particular interest in health economic evaluation and health policy analysis to improve patient access to innovative healthcare products.

Jiumei Gao

Senior Analyst

Jiumei discovered her passion for healthcare at a medical anthropology course during her undergraduate study in anthropology. She then pursued an MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Royal Veterinary College. Prior to joining Aquarius, she worked as a data analyst for international organisations and a Royal College. Her experiences cover humanitarian emergency response, population mobility mapping, clinical audit and quality improvement. She hopes to continue delivering evidence-based insights to improve population health and wellbeing.

Jose Luis Mosso


José is a medical doctor from Mexico City with over four years of clinical experience, specialising in gynaecology and general surgery, across both private and public healthcare sectors. His previous research focused on applying Virtual Reality technology for pain reduction during ambulatory surgery in indigenous communities in Mexico. He recently completed an MSc in Health Policy, Planning & Financing from the prestigious London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the London School of Economics. His master’s thesis examined the correlation between health outcomes and surgical experience in robotic-assisted surgery across the UK, Europe, and Asia. José is particularly interested in developing up-to-date, evidence-based clinical guidelines to facilitate efficient and effective treatments.

Johnson Wu


Johnson is a pharmacist from Taiwan and earned an MSc in Health Economics & Decision Modelling from the University of Sheffield. Before joining Aquarius, he worked in the global market access domain and provided insights through landscape assessment, HTA review, gap analysis, HTA outcome forecast, and price premium forecast for assets in EU5, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan. He also analyzed disease burdens and treatment pathways through primary research to optimize treatment positioning. He is passionate about leveraging economic evaluations to shape market access strategies and to drive changes to enhance population health.

Julie Bradley

Finance Manager

Julie is a certified accountant based in Ireland. She has over twenty years of experience managing accounts for companies in England. Julie is responsible for managing the accounts, finances and invoicing at Aquarius.

Katherine Mercer


Katherine earned her MSc in Women’s Health from University College London with research on the link between menstrual cycles and cognition in elite athletes. Before this, she earned a bachelor’s from McGill University in Environment: Ecological Determinants of Health in Society. She is particularly interested in expanding research in sexual and reproductive health and working towards lessening health inequalities and health-related stigmas. 

Laurel Bates

Senior Consultant

Laurel Bates is a Health Economist with over 8 years of experience developing models to evaluate the health and economic outcomes of disease interventions, conducting cost studies and cost-effectiveness analyses, and leading quantitative evaluations of community health initiatives. Before joining Aquarius, Laurel worked at a non-profit research institute in the US, conducting work for clients such as the CDC. Her areas of expertise include cost-effectiveness of HIV prevention and treatment, simulation modelling of chronic conditions such as CKD and diabetes, and costs associated with vaccination. She holds a bachelor’s of science in Mathematics and a post-graduate certificate in Economics of Health Analytics.

Orjola Shahaj

Managing Consultant

Orjola has an MSc in Epidemiology from University College London and an MPH from the University of Edinburgh. She has a broad background in public health, policy, and research. During her experience as a Health Policy Advisor, she has drafted numerous policies and has overseen a wide range of healthcare projects. Orjola has a strong interest in healthy ageing and wants to identify new ways of reducing the societal burden of chronic diseases.

Rupert Gara Adams

Director of Business Operations

Rupert has over 25 years’ experience in the commercial and retail sectors, and has run his own market research agency. His primary role is to lead the business support team and services at Aquarius, including HR, contracting and data protection. Rupert also advises on Aquarius’ qualitative and market research projects – as an expert at gaining insight on customer and consumer behaviour.

Susie Huntington

Managing Consultant

Susie has a PhD in Epidemiology from University College London. Through data linkage of two large studies, she examined the health outcomes of women living with HIV prescribed antiretroviral therapy in pregnancy. She has previously worked in Public Health for local government (Islington and Camden). Before returning to academia, she worked in HIV and STI surveillance at the Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) and on secondment to the Catalan government. She has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and has experience of evidence synthesis, data analysis, and patient pathway mapping.


Wellbeing and Morale Officer

Teddy has been with Aquarius since August 2016. He came to the company as a rescue from Dog’s Trust and quickly settled into his full-time role. He splits his time in the office between providing support in meetings, sleeping, doing tricks for treats, relieving stress, welcoming visitors, and encouraging staff to have a healthy lifestyle using direct intervention: stealing their pastries and biscuits.

Ulla Hansen-Small

Office Manager

With over 10 years of experience in office management and a background in tech and fashion, Ulla joined Aquarius as an Office Manager in September 2022. Having spent a number of years in the Technology and Software sector, moving into healthcare has been an exciting change. Ulla is responsible for the day-to-day operations and giving staff and visitors the best experience possible.

Verena Schneider


Verena is completing her PhD in Health Psychology at University College London. As part of her masters thesis and further research, she looked into the physical activity behaviour of UK adults during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to this, she received a first-class honours degree in Psychology at the University of Hagen in Germany. She is interested in health economic evaluation and applying statistical tools to aid health care decision-making.

Yixuan Ma


Yixuan completed her MSc Health Data Science from the University College London having researched the causal effect of BMI on left ventricular structure and function. Her other research on the association of obesity and dementia is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. Before this, she received a BSc Population Health degree at UCL. She is particularly interested in health economic evaluation and she wants to push the boundaries of healthcare research.

Yuchen Hsu


Yuchen holds a Pharm D degree from National Taiwan University (NTU) and an MSc in Health Economics from the London School of Political Science and Economics (LSE). Her master’s dissertation explored the preferences in economic evaluation and pivotal decision-making factors of HTA agencies. This exploration was conducted through an in-depth review of reimbursement dossiers for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy. With a keen interest in modelling and evidence synthesis for innovative health technologies, Yuchen aspires to make significant contributions towards enhancing patient access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

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