Aquarius Population Health

Who we are

Aquarius Population Health is an independent healthcare consultancy based in London. We develop bespoke solutions to address our clients’ needs and unique challenges.

Our speciality is developing creative ways to explore and solve healthcare problems. We generate the insight and evidence to support informed decisions that can impact on policy and commercialisation and improve patient care in an efficient way.

We work to tight commercial timelines, and understand that the world of healthcare is fast-moving – and that the right answers are needed quickly to achieve business goals.

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Our beliefs

Our mission is to generate evidence to inform and support rational decision-making in healthcare.

We aim to:

• Put enhancing people’s health and wellbeing at the centre of what we do

• Support innovation and adoption of healthcare products and services

• Develop insight from complex data while communicating ideas in a meaningful way to diverse audiences

• Be flexible and responsive to our clients’ evolving needs

• Use creative approaches in seeking solutions, and always consider the bigger picture and goals

• Seek collaborations and partnerships to promote the best project outcomes



Collaboration and respect are at the forefront of our ethos. We have found that when the whole team is engaged in critically thinking through problems, questioning results, and brainstorming solutions, we achieve insightful and robust outputs. We work with the best and brightest people from around the globe; our international team is encouraged to voice their different perspectives on problems, and that broad knowledge base leads to inspired, innovative solutions. We encourage healthy living and a work/life balance. There are opportunities for social events, joining our healthy fitness group, and engaging in broader learning and networking activities. We believe that people should be supported as they grow and develop skills both in the office and outside of it.

Who we work with

We pride ourselves on the diversity and breadth of our clients and collaborations. From high innovation start-ups to the largest most demanding multi-national companies, the people we work with challenge and excite us.

• In-Vitro Diagnostics

• Medical Devices

• Biopharma

• Digital Health

• Service Delivery


• Industry

• Payers and Providers

• Universities

• Health Charities

• Government Agencies

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