Aquarius Population Health

Our managing director, Dr Elisabeth Adams, is presenting two posters at the 30th annual International Papillomavirus Conference  in Lisbon, Portugal.  The first poster, “Exploring the value of a rapid, on-demand test for the detection of human papillomavirus”, is a detailed look at the current patient pathways for cervical screening programmes, and key opinion leaders’ views on the impact a rapid diagnostic would have on the health and overall wellbeing of women.

The poster “How can European countries improve cervical cancer prevention for women?” challenges the current heterogeneous picture for cervical cancer screening programmes in Europe, and strongly advocates for a centralised cervical cancer data repository.

We hope you’ll catch Dr Adams’ presentations at the HPV 2015 conference in Lisbon – please get in touch if you would like to arrange to meet at the conference.  If you are not attending this year, we will also be uploading our posters to the publications page of our website at the conclusion of the conference.