Aquarius Population Health

Patient Level Data Analysis

Our team works with a wide range of data sources. Our experience extends from patient-level hospital and clinic data to patient-level claims data, clinical trials, and population surveys. We conduct economic evaluation studies, costing studies, evaluation of health programmes, and clinical trials. Past projects have linked complex datasets using patient identifiers, and our statisticians and analysts will create an appropriate analytical and statistical plan to answer your questions.

Our aim is to identify the best sources of information for our clients, and to carry out studies that are both robust and informative, to inform policy and effect institutional and organisational change.

One example of our work is a patient-level data analysis that assisted hospital in the UK to understand the value of service delivery changes, including the direct and indirect costs associated and the clinical impact that these interventions have in the targeted populations. The results have helped our clients assess threats to efficiency and opportunities for improvement.

We understand the value of robust data analysis, but we also understand the importance of communicating findings clearly for different audiences, for example among clinical and academic peers, service managers and finance directors, or patient groups. In our work conducting data analyses, you can expect not only robustness, but also clarity, transparency and independence.

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