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An article authored by Aquarius was published today on the British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) website. The article commissioned jointly by BIVDA and Innovate UK suggests that the NHS could save over £6.9 billion in 5 years by making better use of diagnostic tests already on the market. These savings could have a huge impact in reducing the annual NHS shortfall, which is expected to be £20 billion by 2022.

Our research found that three patient tests – for heart attack, pre-eclampsia and inflammatory bowel disease – could be of huge financial value to the NHS and would benefit patients by reducing unnecessary procedures and medication. At the moment, the tests are used in only a handful of clinics and hospitals, despite health experts predicting that they would save huge sums of money if used more widely. Doris Ann, CEO of BIVDA, said, “Whilst the shakeup of NHS services and funding so often takes the headlines, simply making the most of the tests we already have would result in dramatic savings.”

These three tests are just the tip of the iceberg. There are other diagnostic technologies available to the NHS that are not being used to their full potential. The article calls on healthcare bosses and policy makers to ensure these are no longer overlooked.

In a press release, Dr Kath Mackay, Innovate UK Interim Director for Ageing Society, Health & Nutrition, said: “There are so many innovative diagnostic tests on the market and in development. It’s important for all stakeholders that we more rapidly adopt tests which show cost savings and benefit to patients.”

The full article can be found on our website and on the BIVDA website.

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