Aquarius welcomes new team members

We’re pleased to have welcomed two new members of the Aquarius team since moving to our new office in Tileyard in 2018.

Georgie Weston joined the team in October as an Associate, having recently completed her Master of Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, awarded with Distinction. Georgie has experience working with a range of organisations, including the WHO, health charities, and large pharmaceutical companies where she worked within communications and marketing strategy.

Since joining, Georgie has worked on several health economic models, including Excel budget impact tools, decision tree models in TreeAge, and our cloud-based tools, all of which are designed to provide evidence and persuade decision makers in healthcare.

Georgie has also led training workshops and written journal articles.

We asked her to tell us a little more about herself.

What have you most enjoyed about working at Aquarius so far?

“It’s really interesting to work on projects right from inception, using different types of qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover insights into the problem. This spans from pinpointing the client’s unmet need and then designing a bespoke solution, such as creating health economics models and digital tools to predict and communicate the impact of innovation within healthcare systems.”

What do you like most about the new office?

“It’s great to have Teddy (our Well-being Officer) in the office with us every day – I’ve bonded with him already! He’s always up for a trip across the road to our onsite café Vinyl with me.”

If you were to work on any healthcare condition – what would it be?

“I’ve done a bit on modelling of antimicrobial resistance since I started, and it’s a fascinating topic. There is so much research still to be done, plus it’s really challenging topic so it would be exciting to be part of the solution.”

More recently in April, we welcomed Dr Florence Mowlem to the team as an Associate. Flo recently completed her MSc and PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), King’s College London. You can find the papers from her PhD published in peer-reviewed journals. She also has experience working with the Academy of Medical Sciences and was a member of an HRA Research Ethics Committee. After her PhD she spent some time working at King’s on the statistical analysis of a clinical trial investigating a treatment for autism.

Here’s a bit more about her:

What are you most looking forward to about working at Aquarius?

“I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with a variety of the interesting projects that Aquarius works on, and the opportunity to contribute to providing the robust evidence that clients need to demonstrate value. It’s so important to understand unmet need and the most effective ways to deliver healthcare for maximizing patient benefit, which is central to Aquarius’ work.”

I think you’ve already bonded with Teddy. Is that right?

“I have already been impressed by his full repertoire of tricks, and he brings great light relief to the office!”

What challenging healthcare question would you like to work on at Aquarius?

“Given my background in psychology and mental health research, I think it would be interesting to work on a project that aims to understand the economic impact of a mental health intervention for a given condition. Often physical health diseases seem more tangible and, given there is not a biomarker or blood test for most mental health disorders, challenges exist around the reliability and validity of psychiatric diagnoses. Poor mental health is affecting more and more of the population and costing the healthcare system, society, and the individual a lot, and so it’s really important to be developing effective interventions and having a clear understanding of their value through economic evaluation.

For example, phone app interventions have been developed to reduce relapse in schizophrenia patients by encouraging medication adherence, and it’s important to understand how much this could save the healthcare system.”

We know that Georgie and Flo’s wealth of experience will benefit the team along with the projects they are involved in.

We are also looking to fill a number of new openings in the team, so if you think you’d be the right fit for Aquarius, then please get in touch!

You can find us on twitter (@AquariusPH) and Linkedin, where you can keep up to date with our work and recent developments.