Aquarius Population Health

We’re delighted to welcome Shona and Ben to the Aquarius team.

Shona Mathieson joined the team in July as our part-time Office Manager. Shona has a background in the banking industry with experience in credit & financial analysis, client relationship building, stakeholder management and project management. Shona said, “I’ve really enjoyed working with the Aquarius team and being involved in creating processes to support them as they expand. The variety of work and exposure to exciting projects has been an added bonus.”

Ben Young joined the team part-time in August 2018 while completing his MSc in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. During his MSc, Ben had a strong focus on infectious diseases and excelled in modelling and communicable epidemiological. Ben’s MSc research project used data from a demographic and health surveillance system in the Gambia to identify risk factors associated with children being completely unvaccinated at 1 year of age.

Since completing his MSc in September Ben has become full-time at Aquarius. Whilst at Aquarius, Ben has contributed to the development and analysis of pathway modelling projects, he has helped evaluate the health and cost impact of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and has investigated different diagnostic tool accuracies in cancer-screening pathways. Ben said, “I enjoy the wide variety of projects that I’ve worked on, the continuous learning and the interesting people you get to meet while working at Aquarius. I am looking forward to analysing and developing new models to aid the evaluation of the latest healthcare innovations to contribute to transforming health for everyone”.