Aquarius Population Health

Working with us gives health, wellbeing and safety to those who need it most

Aquarius Population Health is passionate about improving health and wellbeing at home and abroad. We are extremely fortunate that our work makes a real difference to the health of the wider population, and that our team is able to grow and achieve fulfilment in their work.  Additionally, we are grateful to be able to give back directly to others in need. 

For 2020, we asked the team to choose which organisations are important to them. The impact of COVID-19 has played a large role in people’s suggestions, as the team are concerned about those people in the UK who are less fortunate and who struggle with basic needs such as food and shelter. We also continue to donate to IPPF, as Aquarius strongly believes in access to healthcare, reproductive rights, and women’s rights globally.

Based on the team’s responses, this year have we donated to:

Together, we can make an impact on the world.