We have worked with many organisations to help design and implement studies to evaluate the impact of introducing new services.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and value of products and services, collecting and analysing impact data is crucial. The need for evaluation can result from the introduction of new products, developing innovative ways of delivering care to patients, or benchmarking what is currently done against guidelines. Our team can help you do this, whether you deliver services (e.g. you are part of an NHS trust), or sell products to healthcare providers (e.g. you work in a pharmaceutical or medical device company).

Some of the services we have experience in are:

  • identifying organisations and individuals to work with, including expert stakeholders
  • arranging data sharing agreements and contracts
  • creating study protocols
  • organising ethics applications
  • setting up databases and clinical research forms
  • analysing data including complex patient level analysis
  • generating outputs (peer-reviewed publications, reports, business cases, etc.)

Get in touch to discuss your needs for service evaluation and to find out how we have helped other organisations in the past.