Thank you for attending the Zombie Apocalypse workshop at the CRUK Fifth Biennial Early Diagnosis Research Conference 2019 in February.

We hope that you found it engaging and informative – and that you feel empowered to start creating your own clinical pathways and thinking about how health economics evidence can help you.

We have put together a special Pathway Mapping Kit for workshop participants. This will be a reminder of what we discussed with some extra information to get you started. Please get your copy by clicking on the button below – we hope you find it useful!

If you get stuck, have any questions, or would like to discuss additional health economic approaches and analyses, please call or email us, or fill in the form below. We also regularly partner with researchers on grant-funded research bids to provide health economic analysis on anything from market research, pathway mapping, costing and health economic analyses and decision tools.

You can also sign up below to keep up to date with news from Aquarius – including when we launch the new Advanced Methods in Zombie Apocalypse Workshop!

Elisabeth & Georgie