Safeguarding our future through better antimicrobial stewardship

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing concern on a global scale. Without swift action, antimicrobial resistance will mean that some infections become untreatable. New technologies – including rapid diagnostics and new antimicrobials – have the potential to slow down or prevent the spread of AMR. At Aquarius Population Health, we have worked on numerous AMR projects with a range of organisations. Projects have evaluated the costs, benefits and impact of using AMR technologies to detect drug resistance and optimise antibiotic prescribing including using new therapeutics. To understand how we can help you generate evidence for your products about combatting AMR, set up a meeting with a member of our expert team today.




Point-of-care tests for STI Evaluating the use AMR POCT in treatment of gonorrhoea - Aquarius Population Health recently worked with the Applied Diagnostic Research & Evaluation Unit (ADREU) at St. Georges, University of London, to assess the cost-effectiveness of six hypothetical strategies for using antimicrobial resistance point-of-care testing to guide the treatment of gonorrhoea.  Our findings were presented at the STI & HIV World Congress in Rio de Janeiro,… Read More
Antimicrobial resistance point-of-care test for gonorrhoea - In a study commissioned by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, Aquarius Population Health worked with modellers at the University of Bristol to create a mathematical model. The model was used to assess the economic implications and treatment impact of introducing a hypothetical antimicrobial resistance (AMR) point-of-care test (POCT) for gonorrhoea. Results of the study were… Read More
Antimicrobial Resistance Antimicrobial resistance: Why it matters - Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been described as one of the world’s greatest threats to human and animal health. Some reports suggest that by 2050, AMR could kill around 10 million people each year worldwide.  Public health leaders warn we could enter a ‘post-antibiotic’ era where easily treatable common infections become untreatable.
Antimicrobial Resistance - Combat AMR Antimicrobial resistance: How to combat AMR - Part 2: What, if anything, can we do as individuals to help combat AMR? In the second part of this article, we explore what we can do to combat AMR. Don’t get ill. That might sound ridiculous, since no one wants to get ill. However as individuals, we can  reduce our risk of picking up… Read More
Antimicrobial Resistance: Rapid Diagnostics Antimicrobial Resistance: Innovation in rapid diagnostics - Part 3: What role does innovation such as rapid diagnostics have in preventing AMR? Just as new technology has helped us in the fight against global warming (fuel efficiency, clean energy etc.), technology can also help us in the fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). One such area is rapid diagnostics – identified as a key… Read More